Training & education

Comprehensive application courses on PANalytical X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis instruments

Comprehensive application training courses are intended for participants who want to get in-depth training of analytical techniques of XRF and/or XRD, operation of the PANalytical instruments and the software, analysis methods, as well as, sample preparation methods. That is why our courses are composed of an extensive hands-on and theoretical sessions. During the training course, customers can get a wealth of suggestions for the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of their laboratory work, as well as, solutions for practical problems and questions they face daily.

PANalytical XRF and XRD user training courses are designed for both new and experienced users of analytical XRF and XRD instruments. The greatest benefits will be derived from a course when the instrument has been installed at the user site and the participant has had the opportunity to become acquainted with it.

Course locations

Our main Application Competence Center (ACC) is located in our headquarters in Almelo, the Netherlands, but we also offer courses in our fully equipped application laboratories in:


Many of our local subsidiaries offer local courses for your convenience in the local language. At the Almelo application facilities, courses are given in English. In case you have other wishes or you prefer the assistance of an interpreter, please contact your local PANalytical representative. We will do our utmost to find a satisfactory solution. Furthermore, we will gladly arrange in-company trainings and application courses upon your request.

Course certificates, registration and course fees

• Each participant receives a certificate at the end of the training.
• If you want to attend one or more courses, please complete the online registration form and you will receive details about the courses of your choice by return mail.
• Information about the course fees can be obtained from your local representative. Also the course fee will be charged via this representative.
• Please note that the closing date for registration is six weeks before the course starts.
• A cancellation fee will be charged when course bookings are cancelled after the closing date.

Customer reviews

The comments, suggestions and requirements we receive from our customers are of essential importance to us. They form an inexhaustible source of information that fuels our drive to continuously improve our products, solutions and services.

Basic X-ray diffraction application course
"It is a very good entry course for newcomers to XRD."
"The course improves knowledge of the diffraction and the application of the instrument. It is nice to get information from the experts."
"Would be nice to have this course for more than one week."

Small-angle X-ray scattering course
"Very well presented course. The quick introduction to transmission XRD was very helpful. Much appreciated. Thank you!"
"Very good! Insightful and I learned a lot!"

X-ray diffraction at non-ambient conditions course
"Great course, expertly and patiently presented!"
"The course was very insightful and informative. The practicals gave a lot of information on working with the Empyrean. It was conducted in a very professional manner - I would recommend attending training here in Almelo."

Pair distribution function analysis course
"This was a very good and well presented course. I have learned a great deal – Thank you!"
"Great course, thanks! Thanks also for additional information on XRD measurements, falling outside the course."

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