Maintenance services


Create the highest added value for your business with maintenance services

PANassist support includes reactive support and a selection of yearly or half-yearly maintenance packages by PANalytical customer support and/or application specialists.

PANassist maintenance packages can also include:

  • Regular checks on the validity of X-ray applications
  • Remote services and telephone support
  • Application services for help with developing further methods

PANassist helps keep your PANalytical instrument in peak condition during the full lifetime of the instrument through maintenance and regular updates and upgrades.

Local support and global organization

Support can be requested in local language via designated local Customer Care Centers. PANalytical’s worldwide network of support engineers is unmatched and always nearby. When needed, our service engineers can rely on PANalytical's backbone of in-depth knowledge that is organized around second- (regional), and third-tier central (headquearters) support specialists.

Engineers are factory trained, ensuring a constant level of quality. They then continue to be educated on the latest innovations and procedures on PANalytical instruments. Local engineers use the power of PANalytical’s network of specialists to the fullest, sharing knowledge to deliver optimum service.

Spare parts

PANalytical achieves optimum availability and fast delivery times of spare parts by holding stock centrally and distributing through local hubs established throughout the globe. Stocks include an extensive range of spare parts for current and older generations of instruments. In this way, PANalytical customers suffer minimum downtime.

Customer Care Agreements

Customers can configure a wide variety of options from an extensive range of service and experience support. PANalytical can assist you with customizing PANassist Customer Care Agreements using transparent building blocks. Regardless of business type, our customer service specialists will assist you with creating the right Customer Care Agreement to fit your needs.

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