Standards and regulations compliance

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RoHS II WEE and ELV, RoHS calibration standards, PANalytical

Prepare for future standards/regulations

We are active in the relevant committees of standardization organizations, like ISO, ASTM, CNIS, EI, JIS, and DIN. This enables us to prepare you for new and updated regulations and standards at the earliest stage. With our products, you are always ready to comply with the latest regulations and standards.

Typical standard test method examples include:

  • RoHS 2 related test methods: IEC 62321, ASTM F2617
  • Sulfur in oils and fuels related test methods: ISO 20884, ASTM D2622
  • Additives in lubrication oils related test methods: ASTM D4927, DIN 51829
  • Building materials related test method: ASTM C114
  • Air monitoring: EPA IO 3.3
  • Pharmaceuticals related test methods: 232 elemental impurities , 735 xrf spectroscopy

Prepared for important standards and regulations

The Petro edition of Zetium, a XRF spectrometer, is an example of how PANalytical supports you for compliance. It comes with SuperQ applications templates to support your compliance with most relevant petrochemical test methods like ASTM D2622 and many others. Moreover we can supply you with the best calibration standards and have a Performance Testing Program in place to support your stringent compliance needs. For the pharmaceutical industry IQ/OQ support can be offered

The Epsilon 4, an energy dispersive (ED) XRF spectrometer, has the ability to quantify from 100 % down to sub-ppm concentration ranges as one of its many benefits. Moreover its capability to measure large and irregularly shaped samples make this an ideal tool for RoHS 2 compliance checks and similar regulations.

The RoHS Calibration Standards enable you to calibrate your Epsilon 3XLE for RoHS 2 compliance. The polymer discs contain the RoHS restricted elements and compounds so you can accurately determine the content in homogeneous polymers according to ASTM F2617 or IEC 62321.