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Easy sample preparation for accurate XRF analysis

Just as for any other analytical technique, good sample preparation is essential for performing high-quality chemical analysis using X-ray fluorescence (XRF). Whichever samples are being assessed – loose or pressed powders, fused beads, solid samples or liquids – finding the right approach to sample preparation is the first, and one of the most important, steps in achieving accurate and reproducible results.

Did you know that proper sample preparation greatly increases the accuracy of the analytical results? Unlike other analytical techniques, XRF analysis does not require extensive sample preparation work. The methods are rather inexpensive, straightforward, fast, easy to learn and automated. It then allows the operator to perform other valuable tasks in the laboratory.

PANalytical – your partner in sample preparation

As pioneers and world leaders in XRF analysis, PANalytical is the ideal partner for sample preparation – every step of the way. Thanks to decades of application experience, we are at the forefront of all XRF sample preparation methods and developments, and have the knowledge necessary to help with all XRF sample preparation requirements.

Claisse - the world leader in sample prep by fusion

Claisse joined the team of PANalytical in 2014. Since then, both companies are working in synergy to offer a complete range of products and a larger body of knowledge in the field of XRF analysis.

What is fusion?
Fusion is a sample preparation method developed in the mid 50s. It consists in dissolving at high temperatures a fully oxidized sample in a suitable solvent (a flux) in a platinum, zirconium or graphite crucible. The melted mixture is agitated and poured into a mold to
create a glass disk for XRF analysis. It can be poured into a beaker to create a solution for AA or ICP analysis.

Why should I use fusion in my laboratory?
This universal technique has numerous benefits when you compare it with other sample preparation methods such as pressed pellet.

Benefits of fusion

  • Leads to highly accurate and repeatable results
  • Processes a wide variety of samples from polymer to ferroalloys
  • Simple, fast and efficient
  • Very cost-effective
  • Clean and safe
  • The analytical results are not affected by mineralogy and particle size effects
  • Easy calibration and application of matrix correction
Sample preparation instruments
TheOx Advanced fusion instrument

This fusion instrument ensures high productivity with its 6 fusion positions, powerful heating and long-lasting components.

LeNeo fusion instrument

This highly efficient one-position fusion instrument is ready to use right out of the box and leads to optimized method development.

Eagon 2 fusion instrument

This fusion instrument has two positions that can work synchronously or asynchronously. It guarantees ultimate safety and is easy to use.

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