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Effective screening, accurate monitoring

XRF is an ideal technique for the required analysis of electrical and electronic equipment in order to meet regulations including RoHS 2, WEEE and ELV. Determining for instance the presence of arsenic in materials can prevent fines related to having REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) in your products. XRD is capable to identify chemicals, enabling the comparison of materials and identification of material registration e.g. under REACH.

Typical solutions include:

  • RoHS Calibration Standards: unique Certified Reference Materials for accurate analysis of RoHS-restricted elements and additives in polyolefins and similar polymeric materials
  • Analyses of a variety of samples, including large and irregular ones for the presence of restricted elements like Cd, Hg, Pb and elements in the restricted substances like Cr and Br.
  • Unique set of reference materials for analysis of low levels of toxic heavy elements, catalyst residues and additives in polyolefins and similar polymeric materials
  • Determine ‘sameness’ and other substance relevant parameters for REACH

Effective screening accurate monitoring

The Polymers edition of Zetium is pre-configured to deliver accurate and consistent results with the appropriate hardware and easy-to-setup application modules for the analysis of polymers and plastics: RoHS - for the analysis of the RoHS elements in polyolephins.

The Epsilon 4, an energy dispersive XRF system has the ability to quantify from 100% down to sub-ppm concentration ranges as one of its many benefits. Moreover its capability to measure large and irregularly shaped samples make this an ideal tool for RoHS 2 compliance checks and similar regulations.

The fastest industrial X-ray diffractometer, CubiX³ is the preferred choice for industrial X-ray diffraction (XRD) applications providing the highest speed phase analysis for process optimization and quality control on the market. Sameness analyses for REACH in general or checks for Substances of Very High Concern using phase analysis, are now ready in just a couple of minutes.

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