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Pulsed fast and thermal neutron activation (PFTNA) technology instantaneously delivers highly representative elemental analysis for safe, robust in-line process control in real time.
Over recent years, increasingly efficient technologies have been developed to analyse the composition of raw materials on line, thus making it possible to adapt raw material preparation operations instantly. One of the most widely used technologies is neutron analysis. Through its penetration capacity, it allows the analysis of several tonnes of material in real time. In the mining industry, the elemental analysis of raw materials is a key step in the manufacturing process but, neutron activation analysis is also commonly used in the cement industry, the coal industry and for minerals and waste.

What is PFTNA and how does it work?

This method consists in bombarding the raw material with pulsed neutrons, then measuring the energy of the gamma rays induced by the interaction of the neutrons with the nuclei of the atoms. By ‘illuminating’ the raw material with neutrons, the Controlled Neutron Analyzer (CNA) analyzes all the material on a belt, from top to bottom and side to side. Most of the elements composing the raw material are identified and immediately quantified.

The use of an electrical neutron source guarantees the stability of the system's analytical performance, through the constant production of neutrons throughout its life cycle. This characteristic reduces the number of periodic calibration operations, which are often difficult to carry out on-site and are always detrimental to production.

Advantages of PFTNA

  • Quick determination of the target chemistry of materials enabling powerful process control
  • Highly representative data
  • Environmental and operator safety
  • Cost-saving opportunities
  • The analysis is done instantaneously, allowing many control changes over short periods of time to achieve the target chemistry
  • Unlike radioactive isotope-based units, the neutron source can be switched off so it can be handled without risk and can easily be transported, stored and replaced whenever necessary without interrupting the production process

Browse the sections below to find out how pulsed fast thermal neutron activation can support you in materials research.


PANalytical’s CNA³ cross-belt analyzer is completely underneath the belt for an efficient process control in tough environments.


The CNA-Nickel provides real-time elemental information to support nickel mining and processing operations.

CNA Pentos-Cement

This cross-belt analyzer provides real-time elemental analysis for the cement industry.

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