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Compliance & integrity

The constantly changing environment and the evolving business needs are reflected in our company’s business values and ethics.

We strive to be an excellent business partner and a trustworthy company for our stakeholders.

It is our commitment to maintain integrity and compliance in every aspect of our business operations worldwide. It is our mission to improve our customers’ processes by delivering high added value in analytical solutions. We work, communicate and cooperate in a transparent way, with trust and respect for each other and all other stakeholders. Through customer focus, entrepreneurship and focus on quality, in everything we do, we deliver superior value to our customers and shareholders, as a leading analytical company in the market.

PANalytical is made up of talented and diverse people who work together with a consistent set of values, that provide the framework in everything we do. Only by living our values by heart, we remain successful as a company, and are able to offer a fantastic work environment. In addition, we are committed to human rights and decent working conditions in our work environment.

At PANalytical, we have embedded the principles of sustainability in our policies across different business practices.


In accordance with requirement of standards by ISO (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015), PANalytical is certified by DEKRA. The certificates can be requested from our sales engineers. Click for the German ISO and BS OHSAS certificate.

Our supply centers in Almelo and Eindhoven are certified Known Shipper in accordance with EU (185/2010) and Dutch regulations.

Export control policy

It is the express policy of PANalytical to fully comply with all applicable export controls, including (where applicable) US re-export controls. Strict adherence to export control laws is required of all employees, affiliates and channel partners. The designated Export Controls Compliance Officer at PANalytical has primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with all applicable export controls. The Export Controls Compliance Officer is also responsible for the development, implementation and updating of a local Export Controls Compliance Manual, regularly training employees on export controls, ensuring that our products are classified for export control purposes, determining licensing requirements and auditing the company’s compliance with export controls. Any employee aware of or suspecting questionable conduct or potential violations of export control laws should immediately report these concerns to our designated Export Controls Compliance Officer.

Sound export control practices underscore our commitment to ethical business behavior and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Update Iran sanctions

On 16 January, the "international sanctions" against Iran under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) were lifted. This implies the relief of some (but not all) of the EU and US trade sanctions against Iranian companies and banks and we are currently carefully exploring the possibilities and implications of re-opening trade with Iran. In view hereof it is our intention to re-establish our relationship with Magnetics company and to solely use their services, as they have been our outstanding and trusted representative in Iran for many years before the sanctions had come into place. Magnetics is currently making preparations in view of the above:

Magnetics Ltd.
3rd floor, Philips Building
No. 382, Enghelab Ave
11318 Tehran

Please note:
It has been brought to our attention that a number of third parties are active in Iran at the moment, unjustly claiming to be PANalytical's authorized representatives. Please be aware that these third parties are not authorized PANalytical representatives, that any exports into Iran, or the provision of services in Iran by or through such third parties have been arranged without our consent and/or awareness and that PANalytical cannot accept any responsibility for delivery, installation, warranty, provision of services and/or any other claims in relation to our instruments that have been arranged through or with the help of such third parties.

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