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Location: Almelo, The Netherlands

Comprehensive X-ray fluorescence SuperQ application course on simultaneous spectrometer

Comprehensive and practical techniques of X-ray fluorescence analysis using simultaneous wavelength dispersive spectrometers (Axios FAST, MagiX FAST, PW2606, PW2600 or CubiX XRF) are treated in this course. Emphasis is placed on the daily use of SuperQ software. Practical aspects of parameter selection, matrix effects, sample preparation, quantitative analysis, calibration and calibration update, monitor correction and results analysis are dealt with extensively. The course is composed of lectures and hands-on sessions using the spectrometers currently available in our Application Competence Center, Almelo, The Netherlands.

Location: Almelo, The Netherlands

Industrial X-ray diffraction application course on CubiX³ or X’Pert³ Powder (X’Pert PRO MPD) diffractometers

The course is intended for the users from various industries, where XRD is applied for the production control. Basics of X-ray diffraction technique and practical aspects of work on CubiX³ or X’Pert³ Powder (X’Pert PRO MPD) diffractometers equipped with X’Pert Industry software will be covered during this course. The main accent will be made on the optimization of the data collection and quantitative analysis using X’Pert Industry software to solve specific industrial problems in the most effective way.