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Customized solutions for X-ray diffraction

Our Empyrean and X’Pert³ X-ray diffraction systems are true multi-purpose instruments, designed to support a wide range of applications. Yet, in the market place we often meet scientists and analysts working with our equipment who would like to extend the possibilities even further, according to their own ideas for their own research. At PANalytical, we like to support our users in their materials research. We bring them the right solution for complex analytical problems or cost-effective production processes.

Resourceful innovation in analytical
X-ray technology

We are all open to listen to your ideas. If you have concepts for new sample holders and stages, optical modules or analytical techniques, discuss your requirements with your local PANalytical sales representative and ask him what we can do to offer you a tailor-made solution. In our headquarters in Almelo, we have an experienced and motivated research and development team that analyzes your wishes.

Inspiring solutions for materials research

Contacts with our users are an inspiring source for innovative product developments, not only in the field of materials science, but also in more specialized areas as pharmaceuticals, building materials and semiconductor metrology. Together we can work on advanced solutions for new requirements, keeping pace with the latest developments in the world of science and research.

Submit your request if you need a dedicated solution for your diffraction research. We are looking forward to provide you the solution you need.

Empyrean, X-ray diffractometer, PANalytical
Customer case 1

The Anton Paar DCS 350 domed cooling stage is an accessory designed for non-ambient XRD studies that require sample positioning or alignment in sample height, tilt or rotation.

Stress, PANalytical
Customer case 2

Stress measurements on steel are often hampered by a high fluorescent background and peak broadening at high tilt angles, due to sample height misalignment.

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