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Join our team and take part in an organization dedicated to excellence. A company aspiring to achieve the highest level of quality, that offers graduate students and experienced professionals every opportunity to shape their career.

Are you a fresh thinker with a professional passion? Do you want to know how it feels to work in a team of top-performers? We might have the right position for you.
We are committed to attract, retain, develop and promote the best qualified candidates. So take a look at the online application section.

We have learned that combining the creative power of talented and diverse people results in optimal performance. Technically, business-wise and personally.

All PANalytical employees who contribute to our success can benefit from growth opportunities to enhance their careers.

We make sure that the work of every employee is aligned with our company´s strategy, its goals and objectives. In this way we help our people understand the connection between personal and business performance, customer satisfaction and the company’s bottom line.

Every employee can benefit from a wide range of professional development and related training opportunities. Together with their managers our employees are planning personal development programs as part of the annually established performance goals.

Depending on our employees´ personal ambitions and skills they can get an expatriate assignment.

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