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Application solutions

The most accurate XRF results can be achieved using calibrations based on reference materials closely matching your samples. As these materials are often difficult to find we develop reference materials in close cooperation with leading industry representatives. Industry-specific application templates are provided for easy setup offering out-of-the-box solutions.


Oil-Trace is a software package consisting of a suite of standards which enables users to perform elemental analysis of liquids.


The importance of reliable trace element analysis in environmental, geological and industrial applications is increasing.


Omnian software enables users to achieve the best possible analysis when dedicated methods or certified standards do not exist.

Low alloy steel analysis

Turn-key solutions for elemental analysis of low alloy steel compositions to optimize process and quality control of the steel industry.


WROXI is a set of synthetic standards, together with an application setup for the Zetium spectrometer as a simple solution.


The CEMOXI module is designed to calibrate your XRF spectrometer for major and minor element analysis of cements and raw materials.


With the NiFeCo-FP module a wide range of Ni-, Co- and Fe-based alloys, super alloys and steels can be analyzed with accuracy and precision.


‘Copper-base’ (Cu-base) is a term used to describe a range of alloys where Cu is the principal component.


As properties of polymers are enhanced and tuned to applications by incorporation of additives, production process control is crucial.

TOXEL, PANalytical

As toxicity of incorporated functional additives are of great concern directly for human health and the environment, accurate low level determination of these elements is crucial.

RoHS calibration standards, PANalytical
RoHS Calibration Standards for XRF

RoHS Calibration Standards aid manufacturers and research laboratories comply with requirements of RoHS 2 legislation.